Abby Eats St. Louis

Sending love in this crazy time

March 18, 2020

This isn't your typical episode, but life right now just isn't typical. The coronavirus pandemic is changing so much of how we live our lives.

The restaurant industry is taking a huge hit with the changes being put in place. Abby and Dori go through how you can still support the St. Louis-area food scene: from bars to restaurants, to farmers markets and everyone in-between. We also have a few resources you can check out below.

There are a lot of uncertains right now, but we know we'll be able to get through with the help and love of each other and our neighbors.

Take care, friends.


For a list of restaurants offering curbside and altered service, click here.

For information on where kids can get free meals while they're out of school, click here.

For information on the dine-in service ban that's going into effect in the St. Louis area, click here.

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