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Finally: City Foundry’s Food Hall is now open

Finally: City Foundry’s Food Hall is now open

August 11, 2021
In this special edition of Abby Eats St. Louis, we decided to just take you along for each moment of our opening morning experience at the City Foundry Food Hall! We sit down with the Director of Operations, bump in to KSDK photojournalist Joe Young and reporter Savannah Louie between live shots for Today in St. Louis, run in friend of the podcast Caiti Carrow Cheney of Jasper Paul PR, and of *course* chat with some of the chefs and restauranteurs as they prepare to open before the first lunch rush! Then we’ll have a long-view weekend planner ahead of our podcast “summer break.”

We will be back with new episodes in September!

(Don’t forget to listen to our August 2020 episode, “Forging Ahead at City Foundry,” for a chat with one of the developers about how the project came to be!)

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The spirit and Seoul of St. Louis

The spirit and Seoul of St. Louis

August 5, 2021

Ten years ago, he was a guy with a good truck: now he’s making a name for himself around the country for his creative and delicious Korean-Mexican fusion brand, Seoul Taco. We sit down with David Choi to talk about Busta Rhymes, growing up in the Korean Church, and how he might owe it all to some guy’s cranky wife. Plus a pivot-edition of the food news and weekend planner!

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